Hello 2012!

This year I am bringing it. I will not disappoint.  But before we commit to any specific change, we need to focus on my change in mindset. Reading this article on New Years Resolutions, helped me to think about a bunch of ways in which I can help myself keep to resolutions and make sustainable change.  (The whole article is great, but I handpicked a couple of key ideas.) Hope they are helpful!
  1. Get happy! (or fake it till you make it.) A 2005 study by Lyubomirsky, King and Diener showed that success across every single life domain was preceded by being in a flourishing emotional state where positive emotions outweighed negative emotions by three to one. We do not get happy because we are successful; we become successful because we are happy.
  2. Learn how to put yourself in the most positive frame of mind at all times. I read that Margaret Thatcher used to walk around with 3×5 index cards with inspirational quotes. No joke. That helped her keep herself focused in a room full of bullying world leaders. My take: Whatever trick can get you to a positive, or remind you to be happy and strong, do it! It will be worth it.
  3. Get rid of dead wood in your social and professional life. Limit time and energy that is currently going to “black holes” by simply having higher boundaries.
  4. Do hard things. Research from the University of San Francisco, called the “No Pain, No Gain” research has also found that the things we are proudest of at the end of the day, and that produce the greatest self-esteem, are the things we probably didn’t enjoy, and that might have made us miserable while doing them.
  5. Take more risks. The research shows that we regret what we don’t try, and not what we try that doesn’t work out.

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